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Our hearts are heavy burdens we shouldn’t have to bear alone

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You have no idea what a charming memory you are to me.
— Friedrich Nietzsche, from Selected Letters (via violentwavesofemotion)
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Watercolour Tattoos by Sasha Unisex

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unbenannt by seanboyy 
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Guardians of the Galaxy (1995)

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In Italian we don’t just say I love you, we say “mettersi a nudo, ottenere selvatici, sono incinta con il bambino” which means “you are the light of my world, the rainbow on an otherwise cloudy day” and I think that’s beautiful


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Some of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes strips. Bill Watterson had such an incredible cryptic and philosophical style, and it just makes me excited to read the comics over and over again.

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To get a gun in Japan, first, you have to attend an all-day class and pass a written test, which are held only once per month. You also must take and pass a shooting range class. Then, head over to a hospital for a mental test and drug test (Japan is unusual in that potential gun owners must affirmatively prove their mental fitness), which you’ll file with the police. Finally, pass a rigorous background check for any criminal record or association with criminal or extremist groups, and you will be the proud new owner of your shotgun or air rifle. Just don’t forget to provide police with documentation on the specific location of the gun in your home, as well as the ammo, both of which must be locked and stored separately. And remember to have the police inspect the gun once per year and to re-take the class and exam every three years.

A Land Without Guns: How Japan Has Virtually Eliminated Shooting Deaths (via buttension)

see, that’s gun control
you don’t take away a person’s right to bear arms
you take away a person’s ability to abuse their arms
i mean it’s high maintenance but i really think it’d be worth it if it saves lives  

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